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The Runners (2013)

I run, not particularly long runs and not all year round, mostly in winter when riding the bike isn’t so tempting.  I tend to listen to audiobooks or podcasts when I run, just to break the monotony of it all, because moving forward and raising one leg then the other can be rather dull, though at least when done out doors the scenery moves unlike when practiced on a treadmill.  Running isn’t as romantic a sport as boxing seems to be at least for cinema, I can only really recall Run Fatboy Run (2007) ft Simon Pegg as a film where running is the central plot, that is fine though as it leaves it as relatively untouched area for short and independent films.

The Runners (2013) is a short film that interviews runners, while they run.  By asking the questions and getting the answers while the stars are in motion we are given rather candid answers to some nice open questions which give a small insight into the psyche of those who don the lycra and take to pounding the streets.  There isn’t a judgement made by the film makers to the answers which allows for the audience to make up their own mind and how they would answer the question.

The premise is demonstrated at the beginning of the film when they ask if they can film the runner and ask some questions, we then cut to various runners in different times of the year being asked various questions, though the actual question isn’t heard by the audience, the response from the runner allows that to be inferred.

The film is broken up with establishing shots of Victoria Park and of runners.  The minimalist design of the film is nice and clean which helps make a connection between the runner and you.  Without adding in information like the name of the runner, the date of the run there is nothing to distract you from the answers being given and prevent you from bonding with each person who is talked to.

For a film about ten minutes long I don’t know if there would be any reason to not recommend watching this, while you may not agree with all the answers, you are not asked to.  As the whole thing is available on YouTube to watch I’ll provide a link and allow you to watch it, it’s better than watching another “Fail Compilation Video 2k14”.


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