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Child’s Play (1988)

Bad guy curses the cop – also stock sound effects for bullets?

If this took place now would the killer go into an ipad or something?  Because I’m not sure toy shops exist as they do in this film. – Also how big is this toy shop?  More to the point why would they re-sell this bloodied toy?  That now should have been blown up.  Police is invincible.

Obnoxious child making breakfast.  If this child had already seen the show how doesn’t he know about the toys?  Already don’t like this kid – he made his mother breakfast on his birthday?  Who does that?  — Perfect timed news broadcast.  Child is not happy about getitng jeans, no one is suprised.  How expensive is the freaking toy?  $100

Okay so this explains how the kid gets the doll – Boss is a dick – who’d have thought of it.  Suprised he isn’t eating an apple.

How often is this show being shown?  At 6:00am and at 17:00?  I thought she had to go back to work. – Perfect timed news broadcast.  Wouldn’t this killer be really irked about  having to live with a kid.  Hurrying the child up to go to bed?  Odd.

She’ll ruin her eyes reading in the dark.  eye level cam – chucky moves hella fast – curious if they used CGI or an actor for the out of focus shots of chucky.  Why would it be Andy?  Jump scare.  Jump scare – How late is this shop open till?  No one is going to be buying jewelery at like 23:00 – the store is empty and she’s making a bloody phone call.  Further a childs hammer isn’t going to be able to cave in a skull – no – it’s a freaking hong kong hammer – one tap sends her spinning so hard she flys out of the window.

No one stops the mother coming into the building – she just says she lives here and no one stops her – she also just flounders around the house and none of the cops care.  Cop says he’s homoside – she doesn’t think she’s dead?  This guy has no bedside manner and her falling out the window didn’t kill her – it was either the stopping or the being hit with a hammer.  Also cop doesn’t know what foot prints are.  He doesn’t know what he’s implying?  Questioning a child without a lawyer present.  Asking the woman who just got here what happened.  Also he just kicks out the police – doesn’t seem to care if they’d done their job or not.  Child is better detective than detective.  Cop seems to consider the doll was on the counter.  Cop partner is a dick.  There is no following of procedure in this film.

– Note on decor – looks authentic enough.  Kid says Chucky?  with an upwards inflection – kinda annoying.

Kid is told by doll he was sent from heaven – Child is more perceptive than adult woman.  – Doll needs to sleep.

Why is this kid taking a doll to school?  We weren’t allowed to bring toys to school expect on special days.  No one stops child leaving school, or says anything about him being on the transport.  How’d he pay for this?  The 80’s were a different time.

Child leave new toy on the chair in the middle of no where and oh, what a suprise the doll pegs it.Squalor with rats all over it – why are these the safe houses people choose?  Some how this house still has gas going through it?  That would have been shut off.  More gun sounds (by gun I mean laser)   Dude almost shoots the kid but doesn’t.  Explosion is way out of proportion.

Once again child is being questioned without a lawyer.  Okay – lets leaving the doll that’s threatened his life?  No?  Really your going to keep the freaking doll?  Has inflation been that bad that $30 is more than you can bear to lose even though this thing is threatening you kid?  And now we’re going to take it home and threaten it?  Waiting for doll to disaper when out of shot?  No?? Well done – I didn’t expect that.  Based on the mass of the thing IT SHOULDN’T BE ABLE TO DO A DOG F+ THING!  Don’t give up your advantage by going to it’s level.

And jump scare?  No – Doll torture?  Doll fights back.  That’s hillarious!  It did the deeper voice thingy!  A classic.

Halfway point – doll is alive and running free and now she goes to tell the detective – that doesn’t seem crazy in the slightest.  How is this classy jewlery store open till the small hours of the morning not a good place to be at “this time of night?” that shop seems to be freaking 24 hours.

Looking for the peddler we’re going to cut out the diolouge why?  Replace it with light if errier jazz and a montage of homless people shaking their head?  Really were’re going to have a rape?  No good guy cop shows up at perfect time – then threatens him rather than charging him with rape?  Where you going?  grab off?  Why would you tell a person that you killed a strangler?

Incredible leap of logic that the killer is now in the doll?  Really this cop is just telling her where this killer lived and he is now going to be persuaded to help her?  She is definetly coming off as crazy.

Doll behind driver – why is he stomping on the acelorator also what mass does this doll have and what hurts him?  Stunt driver looks nothing like cop

Why didn’t the doll just kill him?  Okay if they are playing up the evil killer bit.  And a gun shot throws chucky back – where’s the density of things? Also if he can’t be hurt why is he running?

Why did the land lord let him do this to the room?  It’s just sreaming out “here’s my crazy plan” Damballa? The detective didn’t think any of this creepy or suspect?

Voodoo dude is suprised by his own sucess.  Okay we know that he can be hurt – there is some exposition.  Rather than tell the evil dude you’re going to be turning him over to the police you could just pretend to help him and then voodoo him.

Keeping the child locked in a prision cell?  How awful is this place?  Also no windows?  It’s the middle of winter and dude is chilling with an open window with just a shirt?  Also chucky falls for the pillow under the bed technique.   Is this child drunk?  Doll fight pt 2? Doctor is a dick. Medical shock device can just kill you.

Hiding in cupboard.

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