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When Marnie Was There (2015)

Omiode_no_Marnie_posterAnna is sent to the country after suffering an asthma attack while there she becomes intrigued with the house on the marsh and the mysterious girl who lives there.

The latest picture by Studio Ghibli this film based on a novel displays the style and aesthetics that the Studio is renowned for, and this makes up for a story which feels rather plain.  While the supporting cast feel believable the main character Anna comes across as slightly unhinged which could be how young girls are in real life, I would not know.

The plot itself feels predictable and the story does not take any surprising turns, maybe because I was not gripped from the start I spent most of the film looking at where it was going and the meandering plot did not go anywhere unexpected.  This is not to say that it the story was unpleasant, far from it and the emotional ups and downs are effective and the mix of depression, angst and joy that comes from Anna is palpable.

Without doubt the best part of the film is the visuals, if you enjoy the style of the film and want an enjoyable but beautiful film, this could well be the one.

I watched this with the Japanese audio and English subtitles, I enjoyed it and did not feel it detracted from the film, it also means I can not comment on the English dub.

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The Nice Guys (2016)

Directed by Shane Black and starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, the film focuses around two private eye type characters trying to locate a missing girl.  
The casting through the film seemed really well thought out with Crowe performing admirably in his role as enforcer seeking validation though Gosling as an occasionally simple private investigator was without an equal, and even though at times her character seemed to be there purely for plot development Angourie Rice managed to hold her own in scenes with very large while the acting was good, the script held some nuggets of brilliance, “You know who else was just following orders? Hitler.” Lines like that, along with some of the physical comedy of Gosling had our cinema erupting in laughter.
What was nice about the film was the lack of jump cuts, in the action scenes you could follow what was happening, a rare treat in action films nowadays which seem to think these help convey a sense of speed though in my expirence remove me from the film and leave me feeling annoyed at what is perceived as a lack of coreography. 
Having seen only the posters I was pleasantly surprised by the film and while at times the pacing was a bit off and the plot a little contrived it was enjoyable. I can’t see it going down as a seminal piece for the year but it was breath of fresh air after having seen so many superhero and ensemble movies over the last few months, with even more coming out later on.

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